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Dec 08

Cappadocia, a Mythical Land in World

Cappadocia, a mythical land in Turkey, is one of those world wonders like no other. It look as though it came straight out of your dreams. Absolutely stunning landscapes, a majestic work of mother nature, the magical sunrise and sunsets, hundreds of hot air balloons in the sky are among a few things that make Cappadocia so fascinating and so special. This trip, without any doubt, was one of the best experiences I’ve had in my life.

We went during quite a cold season, and were freezing our asses off for most of the time, so I’d recommend visiting just before or after summer. We were there for just two days, but it was hardly enough. So I’d say take at least three or four days to fully explore, relax and discover.

Melissa C. KOH

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