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Aug 15

A Different Planet

Cappadocia is a very ancient inhabited region in Central Anatolia in Turkey. We took a flight from Istanbul Ataturk airport to Nevsehir airport in Cappadocia (Turkish Airlines domestic flights are so cheap and famous for their great hospitality) which took about 1 hours. But believe me, the moment we reached Cappadocia we felt like in a different planet, to say the least.

Cappadocia is the land of the weirdly beautiful landscape that leave you in awe at the very first sight of it. The whole area is covered with unique rock formations and caves carved out of them inhabited or non-inhabited. The valleys of Cappadocia have mushroom-shaped rocks and the place is famous for these fairy chimneys as they are called.

This is the best thing that happened in our Cappadocia trip. There are many places that offer hot air balloon ride around the world, but a ride over the picturesque Cappadocia terrain tops the list. It is the best way to experience the marvellous landscape and a great adventure everyone should do at least once in a lifetime. And the sight of hundreds of balloons in the air along with yours on that beautiful backdrop is a never miss a sight by itself.


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