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As compact as Britain’s Lake District or Spain’s Picos de Europa, and a good deal more surreal-looking, this geological wonderland deep in Turkey’s vast interior is a paradise for walkers and for the culturally curious alike.


Cappadocia Turkish Bath (Hamam)

Visiting Cappadocia offers so many memorable moments – hot-air balloon ride, underground city, ancient cave churches, gigantic phallic symbols…urr…fairy chimneys, and on and on, but if you visit a hamam, you will not forget it!

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The Beautiful Cave Churches of Cappadocia

Colourful balloons, fairytale chimneys, beautiful steeds, cave hotels and yet the land of Cappadocia offers even more surprises, with its fascinating churches.There are as many as 600 churches made out of the soft rock that dot the Cappadocia landscape, but there may well be many more yet to be unearthed.
The churches flourished following the gathering of more communities under the guide of Saint Basil of Caesarea – one of the three renowned Cappadocian Fathers who advanced early Christian theology. The 4th century sanctuaries included many examples of Byzantine art, but later churches offer richer frescoes and images of the day.

“Urgup, Cappadocia, Turkey... Stone pillars, which bear the intriguing name of "Three Beauties", are located in Urgup and are a symbol not only of Cappadocia but perhaps of all Turkey. Legend has it that the Greek goddesses Hera, Aphrodite and Athena were forever frozen in these stones.”

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  • The horses are really beautiful and kept in good conditions and look wonderful, affectionate and cute.

    Nina Reznichenko
    Fashion Model
  • This is the largest sand monastery in Turkey which is protected by UNESCO and here were filmed footage for the "Star Wars"

    Natalia Petrova
  • At dawn Cappadocia becomes fabulously beautiful

    Olga Ustimenko

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Turkish Airlines ® | Flights to 110+ countries from İstanbul.

Just 1 hour from Istanbul to Cappadocia Airport....

Interesting Facts about Cappadocia



Some people believe that the geological formations in Cappadocia (Fairy Chimneys) are made by aliens.



There are over 600 churches spread over the region – probably much more are not discovered yet.

Beautiful Horses


The name “Cappadocia” is deduced from the Persian word “Katpaktukya”, which translates to “the land of beautiful horses”.



The cities and towns of Cappadocia were possibly originally built and owned by the Hittites in 2500-2000 BC.



Cappadocia’s landscape was mainly formed by volcanic erosions, which took place over 3 million years ago.



You can find numerous underground cities, which were home to over 20’000 people. Most of the land is still private property.

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In 2019

2,5 Million Tourists Visited

Cappadocia is a revelation of history and
unbelievable landscapes in one place –
and everybody should consider traveling
to Cappadocia at least once in his life.

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